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Anleitung für alle die Probleme mit der Konfiguration Ihrer USB Trainingsgeräte haben

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Thanks for your fast replay.

The problem is that the colour don't change. Nothing happends when i push either of the buttons.
Last time I sett it up, they first become yellow and then red. But now, nothing happend...

The usb to rs232 red led is light also..
Maby the control panel is broken or the rs232?

Verfasst am: 08.01.2013 [20:46]
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Hello trekbomber,

Pull the panel USB cable out of the PC and plug it in again.

Do this several times!! And allways check if you can get all Buttons red.

Do you have any bluetooth dongles installed?
KWT 1 Demo is aready deinstalled?

I have had a broken panel once (micro Switch broken). But you normally reaise this during training and shifting...

I think your case is different to a broken micro switch..

Have you already checked the connections of your panel cable?



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Verfasst am: 12.01.2013 [16:09]
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Sukssess finaly icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif
I uninstalled the alle the other versons off the KWT, and also uninstalled the rs232 drivers again. New startup, and after some unplugging of the usb-rs232 kabel and pushing several buttons at once the panel came alive icon_smile.gif
Now good to go!

Thanks Erik.

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Dieses Thema ist mir hilfreich.Ich möchte halten,wisst ihr,wie ich den Link halten kannicon_question.gificon_question.gif

ascend p8 handyhülle

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