TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
madspock 1317.4
brumm 1130.5
Atchoum 1052.7
4 Triple 956.2
5 Grotsch 929.9
6 Tinaa 850.5
7 hajoco 818.7
8 JohnPlayer 715.7
9 halberhai01 698.5
10 natcomprsv 685.5


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Verfasst am: 02.10.2014 [11:28]
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See my last posting: "my RLVs are installed by the provided Setups or by KWTSetup (also Nordhordland) and not by rlv+gpx". And also Wolfgangs posting. So i really don't understand the answer: "If ,as you state, the GPX and RLV files are encompassed within the video is there an alternative way of achieving the introduction of the video to the KWT software?"

BTW: None of the Allgäu videos are shot in winter, but in the mountains...
And 2 different videos are shot in 2 different years, no big surprise.
Verfasst am: 03.10.2014 [11:48]
Dabei seit: 01.07.2013
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See my last posting.

The KRS files needed to be added for the video to work again!!!!

I see you address the Seasonal observation but not the more important issue of reality where on numerous occasions videos are showing the car overtake struggling cyclists at 30 mph,

They really need more authenticity!!!