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Racer 9 not recognize in KWT 2.0

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Written on: 22.01.2015 [22:11]
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I received my new racer 9 on Monday and try to set it up in KWT 2.0
Whatever the connection and settings I have always the same result: it seems to be a Kettler device but...
Unfortunately until today I couldn't fix the issue and need some support to fix it.
What I did until today:
All SW KWT 2.0 & FW of bike update and USB driver update.
I checked the connection via USB cable and bluetooth on 3 different laptop (32 or 64 bits) with Windows 7 and XP.
I tried to modify the driver on bluetooth with generic adapter and on one laptop I have a 4.0 release.

Any idea of what I can do on top of that please? a bit frustrated at this moment icon_wink.gif

Written on: 22.01.2015 [23:34]
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Hello Sam916,

first of all welcome here.

Have you already updated your KWT 2.0 to the last Version

from here!

Your Racer 9 will not be found from KWT in old Software versions 2.0.0 because the racer 9 is a new Kettler device.

I think only Wolfgang will solve your problem.
Wolfgang is reading here in the KWT Portal.

Please send a PN to "Wolfgang" including the device number and Serial number of your Racer 9

Greetings from Austria

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Written on: 24.01.2015 [11:36]
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Hi Erik,

Thanks yes I'm new in this forum.
Also I haven't used any bike last few years, I was doing more running so I will restart slowly icon_smile.gif
In the past I was doing mountain bike but not race bike.

I'm currently using the last SW of KWT and did the update FW of the bike and the USB drivers update as well.

I sent a PM message to Wolfgang, hopefully he knows how to fix my issue.

Have a nice weekend
Written on: 26.01.2015 [22:55]
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Hello Sam916,

It might be obvious, but did you actually activate the BT signal in the racer 9's display?

1. ( press and hold SET )
2. when racer 9's display restarts, press < and > (next to SET) at the same time.

This will take you to racer 9's settings,
Make sure the bluetooth signal is activated (ON).

When this was done and doesn't solve the problem you can try another bluetooth driver in your pc. Sometimes the Generic bluetooth adapter doesn't function well.

On racer 9 devices I prefer to use "Bluetooth USB module" (Quallcomm Atheros communication).

Might be worth a shot.