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Compatibility List for KWT

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Written on: 19.08.2012 [20:20]
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I would like to confirm that my GOLF E is compatible with WORLD TOURS. I have been looking around in the forum, but I got more confused than before.

In another topic, a moderator wrote :
"we confirm that all KETTLER ergometers with interface except "Rower ergometers" are working with our programm KETTLER WORLD TOURS."
while another, (administrator) wrote :
"I´m sorry but Golf E is not supported by KETTLER WORLD TOURS or KETTLER TourConcept"

Can you please clarify which of the two conditions is true?
Or maybe the second one just meant that you cannot give you support for GOLF E through this forum...

Please forgive me if my question above looks stupid to you.

Thank you very much for your attention.
Written on: 19.08.2012 [20:56]
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Hello Danboy,

first of all welcome here.

i am only an advanced KWT User...

Sorry, but KWT ist not compatibel with your Golf E.

Your Golf E is only compatible with ErgoKonzept II.

Sorry not compatible with Tour Concept and KWT.




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