TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
sportivo 1686.8
lango 1583.4
Cruella 1566.3
4 Happy 1357.4
5 Hilmschn 1350.9
6 Schmidti 1303.1
7 ami 1251
8 natcomprsv 1228.8
9 brumm 1120.7
10 Cyanno 1119.1



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Search for rowing experiences with World Tours and Coach S or E

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Written on: 21.09.2015 [15:49]
registered since: 03.09.2015
Posts: 45
I use one E7 since 2014 and recently Coach S.
Also recently World Tours 2.0.3, with both, on Windows 10.
From Kettler Nederland a good helpfile to install the bluetooth on Coach S. On E7, only with USB printercable.

Personally I would like to have the same IPN system on the Coach S as on the E7.
That means:
IPN test, and 24 exercices based on that test and personal parameters.
I feel that today there is a big discrimination between bycicle training posibilities and variations, and rowing feasabilities.

For an insider/programmer it should be a simple job to manage all the same programs from biking to rowing.

Thanks for all remarks and experiences.

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