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IPN-based training too difficult

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Written on: 23.05.2015 [22:30]
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Hello! Forgive me for English - though I understand German, I'd rather not risk doing a language massacre here. Also, I have used Google and read the forum to find the answer, but unsuccessfully. Again, if you're kind enough to answer, German is ok for me.

Few facts:
- Male, 47 years, 185 cm, 70 kg, BMI 20,5, for years running extremely regularly 2-3 times a week between 7,5 km to 11 km. Low speed, at about 5:30 per km, pulse 140.
- Never cycled
- No sports ambitions, no competitions, just enjoying stuff on my own
- Bought E5 and did the IPN test:
a) Result 0,67 (I read the German PDF from Eric and am surprised on what it allegedly means)
b) Fitness factor - recovery 1.0

My problem:
- E5 suggested 24 workouts based on IPN
- I selected Fitness (again, my BMI is 20,5 so fat burning makes no sense)
- The first workout is 60 min, starting at 70 RPM and 180 W.
- I can endure that for up to 10 min, then I drop dead.
- Otherwise, I have no problem with 100 RPM/140 W/30 min.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong with IPN?