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KWT child sicknesses with Rowing

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Written on: 23.10.2015 [14:29]
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Hallo Wolfgang,

Is there already any solution to:

- Personalize/Adapt the pulse controled trainingsprograms. As the personalizing of the power- and timesettings are fundamental, the value of KWT for rowtrainers falls or stands with your adjustments in that sense.

- I insist to develop a basic "IPN" test, accompanied by sets of 24 exercices, as is possible for the ergometers. Even when different values/units are used, the available unities should be enough to digitize and converted to be useful.

Thanks ahead for letting us know.

Kind Regards,

Written on: 27.10.2015 [15:00]
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Hi Gaardenier,

we had E-Mail contact about both Points.

1. pulse programs will work with the next update coming soon.

2. IPN Test is developed by "Institut für Prävention und Nachsorge" and they have the rights on it. They have no Definition for rowing machines and we cannot create it under the same Name.

Also the result is not the same. With PWC or IPN we try to find out an Performance value on an specific Pulse value. But the rowing machine has no constant Performance. Every stroke has different Performance. But for a test result we Need it more constant.



Written on: 08.11.2015 [23:10]
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Thanks a lot Wolfgang,

With the last update, one of two items is really well solved now. It is a pleasure now, using KWT with Coach S.

Is there any news or evolution in sight, about a probable IPN test or alike?