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Installation of software

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Written on: 07.09.2014 [13:09]
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HI all,

I've just received the Worldtours software and want to install.
I'm also thinking of getting a faster computer.
Can I install the software on my current computer, and at a later moment switch to my new faster computer and install the software on that system?
Or is there than an issue with licenses?

Can anyone answer me on this question? I'm dying to get the software ruyn and start using it icon_smile.gif

Written on: 07.09.2014 [15:54]
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Hello harryp,

first of all welcome here.

No licence issue. On non Kettler S devices the panel is the copy protection.

You can move your user datas + downloaded tracks easily to other computers.

See the Database Utility DL here.

Or you can manually save and Transfer the right folders.

I recently have posted These Folders in an German Thread here in the forum.

Sorry I am in hurry . More later.

You have to put in the Bing licence code again on the new pc thats all.

greetings from Austria


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