TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
Zomboid 2484.3
Jones3 1521.9
Hilmschn 1296.3
4 LTD090 1170.4
5 Happy 1156.8
6 JohnPlayer 1139.9
7 dianphth 1129.9
8 Schmidti 1109.5
9 laurent70 1028.9
10 MM 958.4



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fold faq

How to use own tracks in KETTLER WORLD TOURS?

Proceed as follows:

  1. Start the KETTLER WORLD TOURS Tour Explorer over shortcut "KETTLER WORLD TOURS (trip planning)" or by closing KETTLER WORLD TOURS.
  2. Load your tour in the object manager of the Tour Explorer.
  3. Start KETTLER WORLD TOURS by push "KETTLER WORLD TOURS" button on the toolbar of the Tour Explorer 
  4. Login with a user in the KETTLER WORLD TOURS
  5. Choose the animation mode
  6. In the course list, scroll down. Your course should be in the folder "MagicMaps Tour Explorer".
  7. Select this course
  8. Now the height data be integrated into the course. According to course length, this may take some time.
    Is the course not in an compatible MagicMaps product the height data will be loaded from the Internet!
  9. Start training with OK button
  10. Now prompts you to give the new course a name and may be a subdirectory.
  11. The course is now stored in your user profile and the training starts.

The course is available in future directly through the User defined courses!

Note on courses outside the MagicMaps products:

When the track is loaded into the object manager of Tour Explorer it is not visible in the map! Tour Explorer can only show tracks that are on the map. 
The length specified in the Tour Explorer do not match the reality but later in KETTLER WORLD TOURS it is correct.

fold faq

My Bing license will expire in 4 weeks or has expired. What should be done?

The Bing maps licenses are valid for 12 months. 4 Weeks before a license expires, a note will appear in KETTLER WORLD TOURS.

How long the license is actually still valid can be found in the "info" dialog.

You will receive a new license in the WWS fitshop.

The new license can only enter if the previous license has expired. KETTLER WORLD TOURS asks for the new license once a Bing maps function is running.

fold faq

Device and control panel settings

Configuration Wizard

Device Settings

Setting the control panel
On Kettler devices with a "serial connection", the control panel will be detected automatically. Devices with a "USB connection" require further settings. After clicking "Search" or selecting the panel port, you must hold down one of the buttons until the corresponding segment in the image turns red. 
Then press the other buttons in turn until they also appear red.

Only then are the device settings complete, and you can continue on to the software training level with "Next" or "Apply".

fold faq

Connecting to the computer

Kettler devices feature a USB or serial interface for exchanging data with a computer.

USB devices require the "Kettler USB" driver to be installed on the computer:
The current drivers can be downloaded from here:

Serial devices require no driver installation.

Control panel
The 4-button control panel with serial ports must be connected to the computer.

If the computer (PC or notebook) has a serial interface, then the control panel can be connected directly to it. If the computer has no serial interface, then you must connect it using the FTDI USB to Serial Converter. In this case, you must install the "USB-Serial Converter" driver.
The current drivers can be downloaded from here:

Once the drivers are installed, you should see the following devices in the Device Manager.

USB Kettler devices require one less cable for the control panel, so there will be one cable spare!

Once the devices are installed, you can select the connection (port) or find it with "Search" either in the Configuration Wizard directly after installing the software or in the software itself under "Basic Settings > Device Settings > Add device".

fold faq

Showing occupied ports

Should you have trouble with COM port occupancy or if drivers are not successfully installing, then you can use the Device Manager to check the ports.

First go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > click New > specify the Variable name: "DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES" and Variable value: "1" without the quotes.
Confirm with OK and close all windows with OK.
Restart the computer and then, in the Device Manager, check "Show hidden devices" in the View menu!
Now you will see the occupied COM ports. Those entries with a strong icon are enabled and those with a grayed-out icon can be uninstalled.

fold faq

Occupation of PC interfaces (COM ports) after connecting the device by USB data cable and the control panel with/without FTDI USB to Serial Converter.

Connected devices will feature in the device list once they are added.

The entries are identical to those in the Device Manager.

The "Ergorace" occupies COM port "4" and the corresponding control panel COM port "11".
The "X3" in this case occupies COM port "5" and the corresponding control panel COM port "12".

The software expects this exact configuration when you start WORLD TOURS.
If you unplug the data cable from the USB port or swap USB ports, then the device will not be found and will not be able to be "addressed". The status bar will then show the message: Device: "XYZ" (inoperative).
You will then have to create new device settings. To do so, first remove the device from the device list with "Remove device".
If the control panel is connected to the PC by the FTDI USB to Serial Converter, then you may swap USB ports because it will keep the same the COM port.

fold faq

When activating Bing maps I get the message: "No connection could be established to the activation server." What can I do?

An Internet connection is required for the activation and use of Bing maps.

If you use a firewall you should allow KETTLER WORLD TOURS (FlyAway.exe) the connection to the Internet.

In some cases it is also necessary to allow outgoing traffic on TCP ports 9005 and 9006.


fold faq

Can I use an serial extension (RS232)?

Serial extensions can be used.

You should use maximum 5 m extensions because the maximum length depends on transmission speed. Longer cables can work in a particular cases.

But we cannot guarantee that extension of the serial cable will work.

fold faq

Can I connect my device or more through a USB hub?

Yes. The devices can be connected via a USB hub.

The maximum cable lengths should be considered.

This can cause problems if you have connected other USB devices to the hub. If you have connection problems with the equipment, plug all other devices off and then one after the other back to find out which causes the problems. If necessary use the conflicting device to a different USB port.

We can not guarantee that each USB hub will work with the equipment.

fold faq

Can I use a USB extension?

Yes. However the maximum cable length with passive cables is 5 m and up to 25 m with active cables.

But we can not guarantee that each cable works.


fold faq

The Panel doesn't respond after the installation. What can I do?

This behavior was observed only after the first use of the software.

Proceed as follows:

  2. If you have been automatically logged in click log out.
  3. Go to basic settings menu.
  4. Switch on the device settings tab.
  5. Choose the device from device list.
  6. Press the button "Delete device".
  7. Now install the new device over "Add device".
  8. Select the COM port to which your device is connected or the "Searching..." button.
  9. USB devices need a separate COM port for the control panel. You will receive a message. Select the COM port to which the panel is connected or the "Searching..." button. During recognition you must hold a key pressed on the control panel!
  10. Press now all 4 panel buttons until they appear red on the screen.
  11. Press "Save device" once the button is activated.
fold faq

The device switches Off and On during training

At devices with an adjustable performance value it can happen that the device switches Off and On during training

Please increase the value to maximum under the wanted training person under Presets/Displays & Functions/ Maximum Power

fold faq

Why starts Bing maps incorrectly?

Bing Maps in animation mode shows only 2D map and the startup sequence (ring) runs not to the end.

There are several reasons:

  1. Your graphics card is not supported.
    For example if your graphics card has less than 128 MB of RAM.
  2. The graphics card driver is too old:
    Install the latest version from the manufacturer.
  3. There are other running programs which use DirectX.
    Close any other program and try again.
fold faq

At startup comes a note that OpenGL 1.3 is unsupported. What can I do?

This problem is related mostly to an old graphics card driver. If you download the latest driver for your graphics card from the homepage of graphics card manufacturer and install it, the software should start normally.

Another reason could be that you disabled hardware acceleration in MS Windows.

Because for example Windows XP supports natively only OpenGL 1.1, printing in Tour Explorer is not possible.

fold faq

The installation aborts with the error "When you run Setup fails error (- 5009)".

This means that an older version of the installation software InstallShield located on your computer.

To successfully complete the installation process, do the following instructions:

1. Open the folder: c:\Program Files\Common files.
2. Browse the folder "Installshield".
3. With the right mouse button, click the folder and then the "Rename" option.
4. Rename for example, the folder in "Installshield_OLD".
5. Close the folder and start the installation program again.

Now you can install.