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Manual v Automatic

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Hi everyone,

Which do you prefer Manual gear changing or Automatic?

I have a Racer S and use it mainly in Automatic gear changing mode.

Has anyone rode the same course in manual and again in automatic, if so which was the faster?

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I prefer "manual gear change", because this is equal to operating the gears in the "real world".

The Racer 9 and Racer S allow for power up to 1000W. The power bandwith between 25-600W is cadance independent. This is called iso-power or parabolic-power. When the power on the pedals is more than 600W, the power is cadance dependent.


I do training with powermeters on road bikes as well as training on a stationary trainer / racer / ergometer.

When the results of training on a bike on the "real road" and on the trainer (simulated) are compared, the results are very different.

On the road the concepts op NP (Normalized Power) are used in most programs like WKO+ and others.

I can correct the power measured, when doing analysis, depending on the circumstances.


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