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Service of your ergorace

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Hi everyone
Think this is quite an important information.
Did start riding my ergorace bike on the 21/12-11 bought it a week earlier.
Have had many problems when riding my bike, most of the time it felt like riding your hardest race ever, other times ok. But i didn't know what was right or what was wrong. Then one evening the flywheel startet to grind on to that magnetic resistance device (mrd) which resulted in scratches on the flywheel.
Contacted the dealer where i bought the bike for a service on the bike.
The technician found that the (mrd) had moved all the way into the flywheel, instead of sitting in the right position which is precise 0,6 mm away from the flywheel! This have effected the resistance when riding, and the closer the (mrd) is placed the harder the resistence at the same amount of watts and vice versa!
Have raced the bike tonight after service, and what a difference it have made to get the bike set up properly. It means that i can ride with the right resistance and not a lot more, cause of the (mrd) providing too much resistance on the flywheel. From my point of view should we all have this check on our bikes, cause how easy is it to cheat this way, by moving your (mrd) away from the flywheel, then being able to ride high watts with high revolutions, and with a low pulse!!!!!!!!


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great that you now can start racing at normal resistance, and without problems!



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