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Can't get E7 Ergometer working after reinstalling windows 7

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Verfasst am: 06.09.2015 [14:34]
Dabei seit: 31.03.2014
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Can anybody pls help me?

I was stupid enough to try a windows 10 update. After that failed i reinstalled windows7. After all was working again i reinstalled my Ketller software from the CD, including the usb drivers AND the bridge driver !!
When i started my KWT, it prompted me for the updates, which i both installed.
Then i registered my device with KWT (com 3), it also found the panel on com 2, but none of the buttons turned red when i pressed them !!
I thought I matbe made a mistake with instaklling, so i decided to uninstall the bridge software and the KWT software. When i choose uninstall KWT it opened 1 window with 'uninstalling' but after a few seconds a second window opened with 'installing'.
I have been wainting for almost an hour now, but nothing seems to be happening. I pressed cancel once on the 'installing' window, but it just reopens after a few seconds.

What am i doing wrong, and how can i get my bike-panel working again??

Please help, i go crazy without my rounds icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif


Verfasst am: 06.09.2015 [15:12]
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Hello JasperDrop,

maybe unplugging and replugging the panel USB might help.
PC and E 7 are turned on.
I think you already had hold1 red button while clicking on port search 2 times.
Please check all pluggings from the PC , Rs232 converter and the panel.

Greetings from Austria


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Verfasst am: 06.09.2015 [16:12]
Dabei seit: 31.03.2014
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Tried that but no.
Can't even uninstall KWT and the drivers anymore now, according to windows they are not installed, but i can run the software icon_smile.gif. I think I will reinstall windows again and just start over.