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health training settings on racer s

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Verfasst am: 29.01.2015 [09:46]
Dabei seit: 15.12.2014
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can anyone recommend what settings in kwt2 on the racers s should be set at for the health training based on the ipn result?
as I find the rpm is to low to reach the target heart rate and using up and down changes the performance but increases the heart rate and rpm stays the I end up peddaling at around 95-110 rpm to reach the heart rate in the program.
in the settings for my racer s it is set on 100% realistic, min 30 watt,gear change at 135 and gearset race bike.
im trying to use the health training due to an injury that has stopped me riding for just over 4 months

thanks mark
Verfasst am: 29.01.2015 [11:10]
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Dabei seit: 16.12.2009
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Hello pika,

reality factor and gear settings are for races (most offline) only.
i don't kmow much about health training. I have never done one.

But in your user profile you can set your sport type to very high -> that setting is for the IPN test!

If that setting will influence your "health Training"
-> you have to try.
Maybe Wolfgang knows more about health Training.

Greetings from Austria

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Letztes IPN Test-Ergebnis in KWT 2.x Sporttyp sehr hoch -> Wert 0,63.
Verfasst am: 31.01.2015 [01:04]
Dabei seit: 15.12.2014
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Any idea on this please Wolfgang

Verfasst am: 31.01.2015 [12:47]
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Dabei seit: 09.02.2009
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If you reach the end of IPN you Need to set an higher Sport type in your user. Also the idle pulse has influence to the target pulse of IPN.

Coaching sets the power along to your pulse. If you want an higher start value you can set this in Trainingsettings. Found in the Training on the top under Settings.