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IPN test - target pulse not reached?

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Verfasst am: 15.10.2014 [20:12]
Dabei seit: 27.12.2013
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I can't complete IPN test because I just don't understand what I should be doing there..

There seems to be window for your cycling pace that you should keep. And if you do so you will never reach target pulse that is set for 131 for me... I can only get to 120...

What should I try to do there? Should I try to reach the target pulse as soon as possible instead or what?

It always ends to red message "Target pulse not reached"... annoying...
Verfasst am: 15.10.2014 [20:20]
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if you don't reach the target pulse you Need to set an higher Sport type in your user Profile.

You only have to Keep the rpm. If you reach the target pulse you have to complete the current step and then you get your score.

Here from our help file:
The test

The Test program is made up of 5 performance levels. These are customised to the user data and the target heart rate.

For the test to be valid, the first step must be reached without exceeding your target heart rate and at least the second step must be completed. If the second step is not reached the details under Training activity must be decreased. If the target heart rate is also not reached in the 5th level, the test is also invalid. In these cases, the details under Training activities must be increased and the test must be repeated.

Once the test has been completed successfully, the cardio fitness score and the heart rate ranges for fat burning training, basic training and speed training are worked out.

The coaching programs are available after the test. The IPN result of the last test can be viewed in the coaching programs.

Verfasst am: 16.10.2014 [19:30]
Dabei seit: 27.12.2013
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Thanks! That did the trick icon_smile.gif

I had to change my level to very high and finally reached my hart rate limit at second highest step.

I underestimated my activity level icon_cool.gif