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race "on different levels"

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Verfasst am: 04.05.2015 [15:59]
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i would like to do a "race -like" activity, where the workload is individualised:
person 1 20 minutes @ 120watt
person 2 10 minutes @ 80watt, 10 min.@160watt
person 3 5'@(40,60,80,100watt)
person 4 4'@(30,60,90,120,150watt)

can i do this with the kwt2.0, do i have to use multiple controllers,
if so,
do all conntenders have to start simultaneously, or can they start like every few minutes,
can i control (and see) all dat on 1 pc (switch screen between bikes),
can i collect all training data in order to analyse these data afterwards?
Verfasst am: 04.05.2015 [20:03]
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Online races can only be done on tours with height Profile. The power is calculated from Speed and grade.

On single machine you can use local Studio mode with up to 10 Training devices. There you can also use programs with power Profile but all users have to use the same program.

Later join is not supported in Studio mode. At Startup you have to define alle users with there devices.

Studio mode can also be used online on tours where every one can select different gears.

All data in Studio mode is collected in the user assigned to the device and can be evaluated.

So KWT can solve an part of your requirements.