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Racer 9 Bluetooth pairing

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Verfasst am: 20.05.2015 [23:41]
Dabei seit: 20.05.2015
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I just upgraded my ergo racer to a Racer 9 in the USA. I am unable to pair the Racer 9, using the Belkin bluetooth adapter recommended by Kettler. I can operate with the USB cable. I can discover the Kettler, but am unable to load the driver. I have reached out to Kettler support, they recommended to upgrade the firmware. I am using the latest 01120. I can run KWT with the USB cable, but prefer the bluetooth connection. Any assistance is much appreciated. I have read every forum message associated to this issue with no success.

Verfasst am: 21.05.2015 [05:34]
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Hello Steven,

first of all welcome here.

Let*s try first with the generic driver for the Belkin.
For installing the generic BT Driver:

In windows go to device manager -> bluetooth radio devices ->rightclick driver XY -> update driver -> search on computer for driver updates -> choose out of a list of device drivers on your computer -> uncross show "compatible hardware" Then choose (mark) under brand (manufacturer) = GenericAdapter" and under Modell generic bluetooth adapter. Then click next.

@ Racer 9: be shure that the USB cable on racer S is disconnected and your racer 9 is in bluetooth mode.->hold OK button.

To reset the racer 9 display completely:
Hold down all 3 buttons "+,- and Watt while Racer 9 is turned on for more than 5 seconds. Then plug off the power cord of the racer 9 for longer than 1 minute.
Than plug it in again and wait more than 1 minute until there is something shown at the racer 9 Display -> normal start.
After that make a complete new!!!!!! bluetooth pairing.
Then your racer 9 will be shown as headset -> don't care.

It should pair now via bluetooth.

Please, give me a feedback if BT pairing works now at your racer 9.

And sorry for my English.

Greetings from Austria

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Thank-you, Your instructions worked. I removed the Belkin WDComm driver, went to my Windows/System32/Driver folder and installed the Generic Bluetooth Driver. Restarted the computer, reset the Racer 9. The computer found the Kettler and requested pairing, which another post stated 0000. This paired up. Started KWT2, sync'd with Racer 9 bluetooth, and am now riding as intended. My difficulty was finding the Generic Driver on my C drive, Once I found it and installed, all went well