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8 natcomprsv 1201.9
9 lango 1140.9
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The day's values are not updated under RLV

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Verfasst am: 20.11.2014 [17:07]
Dabei seit: 03.06.2014
Beitr├Ąge: 4

I use training with RealVideoLife and I have seen that the day's values (seen when I leave the tour) are note updated if I make the tour in more thant 1 time.
The 1st day, the values remains to 0, and each time I choose "go on" for the exercise, the day's values remain inchanged, and if I look in the tours statistiks, the tour does not appear. Only the last day (when the tous is finished) the stytistik show the tour, but on the begenings date, and the day's values are still 0.
When I continue a tour, the counter value for the km, for instance is 0, bit as soon as I move the pedals the before's day value are updated (km, kj, etc). support says it is a problem with the RLV Kettler software, but I cannot reproducxe this problem with tours without video.