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Map will not show Real Life Video in Training Mode on WT2?

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Verfasst am: 27.01.2021 [21:07]
Dabei seit: 20.01.2021
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Hi, after some assistance please?!

Only recently set up my Kettler RacerS with World Tours 2.
Works fine in training mode but for some reason the map only displays aerial or 2D, I cannot access the animation or real life videos.

I have downloaded a DVD route (Florence) and this is the same, video plays before selecting 'start' but when selected the map reverts to 'aerial' view and cannot be changed?

Any help would be really appreciated?!]
Verfasst am: 28.01.2021 [02:52]
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Hello Skeldano,

first of all welcome here!

Racer S with Premium display or black one with smartphone
USB loading port (2015/16).

@ KWT 2.0 settings for RLV
Start KWT logout your user go to setting Fullscreen settings
cross on box 1 to 4. cross off box 5 and 6. Save settings.
-> Logon user.

@ premium display:
Start tour with video i.e. Florence. Start it.
While pedaling press on the keyboard "f" one time -> now video will change in Fullscreen 3D Mode and then with rpm > 0 press a few times at your racer s display the right upper button till the video is shown.
If your racer s has RR shifter and you have selected automatic gearing you can use the left shifter for changing cams it is the same like the upper right button.
Key "f" = change fullscreen partscreen.

@ Premium display the problem is that you need the f key while pedaling -> keyboard usage is not comfortable while pedaling!. The only good solution is buying a Bluetooth media button like I did (Satechi). You can activate and configure the media button in KWT.

Greetings from Austria

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