TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
LTD090 2253.5
Zomboid 1897.7
Hilmschn 1864.9
4 MM 1557.3
5 cellosuite 1195.4
6 Biker014 1009.3
7 Jones3 1000.3
8 brumm 831
9 specialized66 788.3
10 shooterman 769.7



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Elyx 7 keeps breaking down at wheel attachment

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Written on: 12.01.2020 [17:20]
registered since: 09.06.2016
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My 2011 Elyx 7 broke down in 2016. Just inside the wheelcase at the attachment metal parts break and the joint becomes loose causing increasing slack.
I had it repaired back then and the repair guy said that I might at one point want to change the mechanism for the elyx 5 or elyx 3 mechanism indicating that this is a weak point.
I use the machine exactly twice a week for 20 minutes at max 180 watt.
Is this to be considered normal wear and tear? It was the most expensive crosstrainder back then.
Has anyone else got elyx 7 atachment replaced by ely5 or elyx 3 parts?



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