TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
Zomboid 2087.8
brumm 1458.3
papinarello 1349.1
4 Hilfskoch 1303.3
5 Racer47 1210.7
6 Hilmschn 1096.2
7 Jones3 1092.6
8 dum07 984.1
9 Superbertel 852.8
10 laurent70 640.1




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fold faq

Kettler World Tours 2.0 installation aborts (especially at WIN 8.1)?

Install as an admin. The firewall of the operating system blocks the installation. You have to install Microsoft .Net Framework. Hints for activation on:  All windows updates should be installed. If necessary, deinstall it manually and install it again.

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Is it possible to find out the firmwareversion of my device?

Yes. Please take a look in your corresponding manual.

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fold faq

Where to find the actual software version of the ketttler world tours software?

Please open the software. On the right corner you find an "I" for information. You can click on the button and read out the firmware version.

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I have a premium display? Which version do I need?

You need the firmversion v31.08 and the kettler world tours software version 2.0.5.

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Which Bluetooth standard does the software support?

Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth low energy technology.

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Where to find my activation code?

If you got a software on a DVD, the activation code is printedon the cover inlet. If you have a download version, you will find it seperately in a digital form.

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fold faq

Which devices are compatible?

Kettler devices with an interface. You can connect with USB, Bluetooth Classic or Bluetooth low energy*.

Devices are partly not immediately compatible with the market launch, but are made up. Additional Information can also be found on the KETTLER Homepage at the respective Device.

* Bluetooth Smart Is only Supported on Windows 10.

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Kettler World Tours is compatible for which system?

It is suitable for Windows and you can install it on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Bluetooth low energy (smart) is integrated on Windows 10.

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Wie kopple ich ein Bluetooth Classic Gerät?


Der Bluetooth Adapter sollte im Gerätemanager wie folgt aufgeführt sein:

Die besten Ergebnisse werden mit dem Treiber "Generic Bluetooth Radio" erreicht. Die meisten Handelsüblichen Bluetooth Adapter können mit diesem Treiber betrieben werden. Der Treiber wird bei Windows mitgeliefert. Ein Nachträglicher Wechsel ist möglich indem der Treiber aktualisiert und dabei manuell gewählt wird.

Gerät hinzufügen 

Über den Systemsteuerungseintrag "Geräte und Drucker" können Geräte über "Gerät hinzufügen" hinzugefügt werden.

Windows zeigt eine Auflistung von Verfügbaren Geräten. Bringen Sie das Bluetooth Gerät zuvor in den Sichtbaren Modus wie im Handbuch beschrieben.

Gerät überprüfen

Nun wird das Gerät unter "Geräte und Drucker" sowie unter "Bluetooth-Geräte" aufgeführt:

Im Gerätemanager sollten weitere Einträge unter Anschlüsse vorhanden sein:

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Is kettler world tours available for apple?

You can install KWT 1.0/2.0 on an apple device with a virtual windows system for example with "parallels desktop for mac" or a native windows operating system "dual boot". You can test it with the kettler world tours DEMO (free). Kettler  accepts no guarantee, because it is a windows product.

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I have two kettler devices at home. Can I use only one software for training?

Yes. Alone or in combination with the studio mode, if the device is the same device group (bikes, ergometer , crosstrainer or treadmills)

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How to integrate Reallife videos?

You can buy wew videos on

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Can I use KWT offline?

Yes, but in that case online couses are not available. More information on Kettler World Tours Forum unter:

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When does the BING license expire?

1 year after the software installation.

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Where can I extend the BING Maps license?

You can buy a new BING license at WWS fitshop für 14.99€.

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Showing occupied ports

Should you have trouble with COM port occupancy or if drivers are not successfully installing, then you can use the Device Manager to check the ports.

First go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > click New > specify the Variable name: "DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES" and Variable value: "1" without the quotes.
Confirm with OK and close all windows with OK.
Restart the computer and then, in the Device Manager, check "Show hidden devices" in the View menu!
Now you will see the occupied COM ports. Those entries with a strong icon are enabled and those with a grayed-out icon can be uninstalled.



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