TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
Zomboid 2087.8
brumm 1458.3
papinarello 1349.1
4 Hilfskoch 1303.3
5 Racer47 1210.7
6 Hilmschn 1096.2
7 Jones3 1092.6
8 dum07 984.1
9 Superbertel 852.8
10 laurent70 640.1



KETTRACE ROUND IN FRANCE from 2016-11-05 to 2017-02-21

The Rules

Online race on KETTLER WORLD TOURS abbreviated to: KWT

Minimum requirements for all entrants:

  • 1 Kettler exercise bike
  • KWT training software with valid licence or demo valid for one month
  • Computer and internet connection which meet the KWT system requirements
  • Your usual body weight is set in user settings
  • A user is created on the KWT website and has joined the "6. KETTRACE" group
  • The current pulse values are sent to KWT during the race

KETTRACE- High score - Cups - Medals

  • There are 30 races on the tour and each race counts!
  • The races run twice on two days a week (see Race dates)
    Tuesday: 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm (enter the lobby under "online" 15 minutes beforehand)
    Saturday: 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm (enter the lobby under "online" 15 minutes beforehand)
  • Entry is limited to 200 people per race
  • The winner of the crystal trophies and medals are determined over the team evaluation
    Every kilometer counts as a point, the number of points multiplied by the number of the stage. 1 race is one easy, 2nd race double, 3rd race triple, etc. up to max. 30 race 30 fold to keep the KETTRACE open to the finish.
  • Drive in teams with 1-5 members
  • The team classification arises from the following order:
    1. the number of points of all team members,
    2. the total number of kilometres
    3. the best time.
  • The team with the best score wins.
    1st team: The gold medals and the winner of the team Cup 1st place
    2nd team: The silver medals and the winner of the team Cup 2nd place
    3rd team: The bronze team and the winner of the team Cup 3rd place
  • The formation of the team automatically qualifying after the first race.
    Drivers are added, the new classification according points and Teamranging.
    The team leader (first in team) can change the Team in week 50 of 2016 and last in week 3 of 2017 which he tells us the new team lineup. We look at the implementation.
  • Within each stage, a Sprint classification occurs on a part of which is evaluated separately.
  • The winner of the most Sprint ratings measured on Sprint-kilometer x stage at the best time, wins a KETTRACE Sprint Jersey

The profits:

  • 1st place for rank 1 in the gold team: World Cup Crystal 26 cm
  • 2nd place for rank 1 silver team: World Cup Crystal 23 cm
  • 3rd place for rank 1 at the bronze team: World Cup Crystal 21 cm


  • 1st Team: 5 gold medals
  • 2nd Team: 5 silver medals
  • 3rd Team: 5 bronze medals


The winner of the Sprint classification: 1 KETTLER Sprint Jersey

Warning: Please seek medical advice about your physical limitations.
Train within your limitations otherwise your health may be at risk!

As a result every entry is rewarding. Inconclusive values lead to disqualification.
We wish you lots of fun and a fair race, may the best person win!




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