TOP 10 km/MJ
Pos Name km
hororacer 5569.5
Zomboid 1979.6
Biker014 1063.1
4 biciman 933.8
5 brumm 887.3
6 LTD090 872.4
7 JohnPlayer 871.6
8 RumpelRalf 851.9
9 cellosuite 823.6
10 FRAevaNK 810.2


Bing Maps 3D Licensing

Bing Maps 3D license

By purchasing KETTLER WORLD TOURS, you are licensed to use
the Bing Maps 3D for one year. 4 weeks before expiration you will be notified of this by a reminder window in the software. After this you will be notified when license is expired and prompted for entering a new license key.
You cannot enter a new license before the current license has expired. You will see the expire date in the info dialog.

Paid renewal of the license can be purchased in the Webshop.

License for KETTLER WORLD TOURS 3.0 (Ord. Nr.: KETT-024): Bing Maps 3D license

Licence for KETTLER WORLD TOURS 2.0 (Ord. Nr.: KETT-015): Bing Maps 3D license

After payment you will get immediately an mail with your new license key.



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