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Kettler Ergometer x3 not working?

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Verfasst am: 16.01.2021 [20:45]
Dabei seit: 16.01.2021
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I recently received an old bike from my dad, the Ketller Ergometer x3. He lives quite far away and when i got home from him to set it up, it doesn't seem to work? He tells me its supposed to work, but the display doesn't seeem to start or anything.
I've tried disassembling it to see if there is any lose connections, but didn't look like there was. Is there a start button that i need to click somewhere for it to be able to turn on or is it just broken?
I've also tried using another cord to see if that was the problem, but didn't seem to be the case.

Hope you can help me! icon_smile.gif
Verfasst am: 16.01.2021 [22:23]
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Hello Anton_Olesen,

I suggest to look under your X3 first.

to look under your X3 you have to buy a m12 screw!
As tools you need a 6 mm allen key and a 19 mm open end spanner.

take off the plastic covers of the crank screws.
There you will find a 6 mm allen screw. unscrew it both screws unscrewing -> left. Put the M 12 screw 2 rounds in with your hands then use the 19 mm. Once it will get strong go ahead and the crank is off -> on the screw.
-> Both sides.
Then look on left and right für all Phillips screws.
Then you can take off the side covers.

Look after the magnet and the reed element with 2 cables on the breaking wheel

Maybe the power supply is broken.

Advise don't overtighten the 6mm allen screw when rebuilding.
But control it once a month for self unscrewing.

Greetings from Austria

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