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Kettler Racer S firmware upgrade HELP

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Verfasst am: 27.12.2019 [19:53]
Dabei seit: 27.12.2019
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Dear all,

hope you can help me. I have a first generation Kettler Racer S. I've tried to use various apps like KETTMaps, Rouvy, Kinomap, Zwift but unfortunately none of them worked.

I managed to connect to KETTMaps and Kinomap through Bluetooth but still, the power was not moving from zero. Looking through the Kinomap forum, I've found out here, that there is a possibility to do a firmware upgrade on the console, but this can be done only by Kettler that unfortunately went out of business and their after-sales service is no longer available...icon_sad.gif

Therefore I'm turning to you, members of this forum. Maybe someone had a similar experience or has enough knowledge/connections to help me out here.

I would appreciate any kind of advice.

Btw, I'm living in Vienna, Austria.

Thanks in advance!

Verfasst am: 27.12.2019 [21:51]
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Dabei seit: 16.12.2009
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Hello AdelAyari

see this thread and download and unzip the Firmwareupdate file from Wolfgangs posting from 09.04. 2019.
Turn on your Racer S and make new BT pairings.
Firmwareupdate dosen`t use the KWT BT settings.
Then start firmwareupdate.exe.



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Verfasst am: 28.12.2019 [17:22]
Dabei seit: 27.12.2019
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Thank you very much Erik! It worked like a charm. I can now connect it to KETTMaps. You are great!

Still have issues with Zwift, any idea if Kettler is compatible with this app? It cannot find my Racer S.

Verfasst am: 28.12.2019 [19:07]
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look on this web site:



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Verfasst am: 29.12.2019 [16:42]
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Dabei seit: 27.05.2013
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Hallo Ich habe ein neues Update 3 heruntergeladen. Jetzt habe ich ein Problem beim Einrichten der Last mit meinem Racer S. Unmittelbar nach dem Start ist der Racer stark ausgelastet und kann nicht reduziert werden. Bitte helfen Sie.wheelergo.gif
Verfasst am: 27.08.2021 [15:44]
Dabei seit: 27.08.2021
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Hello everyone, maybe someone will know how to help. Kettler racer S most likely 2014 edition. Not working with any app at all, unable to find and install s-fit anywhere.
Tried with KWT 3 demo on laptop - detected and connected but after few seconds resistance seems to be going to max (not shown in program).
Tried to upgrade firmware and get some strange messages - in attachment. Version of upgrade lower than installed??

Anyone still using this model? If yes what app will it work with?

Any ideas what to do next or how to solve the problem?
Every idea will be much appreciated as I have no clue.

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