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Racer S Training computer upgrade ?

Autor Nachricht
Verfasst am: 28.01.2019 [20:42]
Dabei seit: 14.09.2013
Beitr├Ąge: 3
Hi I have the Racer S 2015 model. I see the newer models have a pretty swanky training computer. Is it possible to purchase this as a separate item to retrofit my bike ?
Verfasst am: 22.02.2019 [17:02]
Dabei seit: 13.12.2015
Beitr├Ąge: 2
Hi Gjoess,

Me too i'd like to change my on board display.
I find it very uncomfortable and usefulness for short HII as it is to minimalist.
I'd like to change the gears or PWR when watching the RPM.
I think this could achieved by minor changes in firmware but I don't believe Kettler is willing to do that.
KWT could be an option but I didn't succeed to make it work in RPM dependent power as an ordinary bike does.
I'd want to know the guy behind this software to send him a message; maybe there is a way to solve the problem.
The other solution is to change the on board computer and maybe the handlebar.



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