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RPM dependent power on KWT 2

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Verfasst am: 22.02.2019 [18:22]
Dabei seit: 13.12.2015
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Hi guys,

I meant to send this message to the guy behind KWT software but any other help would be highly appreciated.

I'v got a RACER S trainer. I bought it in blind and I was very disappointed by the minimalist display. It's difficult to do short HII as I can't change the gears or power when displaying the cadence; it takes to long to switch between displays and I loose concentration.
I hoped to address this issue by taking advantage of large and exhaustive selection displayed training parameters on KWT.
My problem is: I wasn't able to make KWT working in RPM DEPENDENT state as the on board computer on RACER S does by default. I prefer doing my workouts in this mode as it is more close of a real road bike.
In RPM independent mode the torque became to very high when switching from high to low RPM and I'm not able to relaunch the trainer and I mast stop and reset.

I searched in "Programs" folder on KWT for an RPM DEPENDENT program but I didn't find any.

So I did a rather hilarious trick: I designed a tour on a ocean.
It was the only long flat route I find. It works but I thing it is a stupidity. And I'm not sure the displayed parameters are correct.

However I find in the on board KWT's help, in Training -> Training Programs section this reference I quoted both in English and French:

Braking level programs

The exercise bike's brakes are switched to the RPM controlled mode in the braking level programs.
The program is no longer controlled by the performance but the level.
The performance achieved depends on the level and RPM.


Programmes à niveaux de freinage

Dans les programmes à niveaux de freinage, le frein de l'ergomètre est réglé dans un mode dépendant de la vitesse de rotation.
Le réglage n'est plus effectué par la puissance mais par les niveaux.
La performance atteinte dépend du niveau et de la vitesse de rotation.
I am willing to give away a lot of beer if I could make KWT working this way and address my issue.


Sorry for my English - I'm a non native



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