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What is the Future for any Kettler Racer S owner ? and World Tours 3 software.

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Verfasst am: 16.01.2023 [12:40]
Dabei seit: 25.12.2017
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Hi there whoever is left now provided support for a dead product
since Kettler went bust.
since there is no chance of a new Racer trainer happening any time soon.
I believe that software is still alive though which means as long as my Kettler decides not to break then I can still use it in the short term.
since there is little point in trying to sell it for other than parts.
I read that the World tours software is trying to go multi platform.
though I can see many of the current virtual reality training rivals putting the brakes on such things.
on the WT 03 front what is happening ?
can the software us another mapping format other than Bing or Google
both with their yearly charges.
there are other options maybe not with street views or 3D but enough to be used alongside Video GPS files were I do not really need the 3D map function for that any of the free open source GPS maps would work fine. like Open Street maps . I use Komoot and they also do not use Google or Bing maps .
at least such an opt out of having to use Bing maps while still been able to use a 2D map while using Video or just none Video GPS route would be nice.
this would be a nice option over the annual Bing Map's fees.
It is getting a bit hard to justify paying any more money out for a machine that is basically dead from the Kettler side of things.
with limited software options outside of the original WT Software that support the Racer S that do not cost also extra monthly or annual fee's.
One way or another it would nice to get at least a few more years of of this before it has to be scrapped.
I understand trainer development is done and dusted I am more interested in the future of the supporting software in the short term.



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