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Workaround for Real life video breakup.

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Verfasst am: 28.11.2014 [17:36]
Dabei seit: 14.03.2014
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From what I have read here it looks as though I am not the only person to have had problems with Real life video. When the video starts (which isn’t always the case) it soon begins to break up into a kaleidoscope mess of colours and is totally unusable. I tried various possibilities including extracting the video from the tourconcept folder and running the videos on different players. The videos were okay on Windows Media Player but were no good on VLC. I know that the hardware requirements stated on the Real life website are pretty high, but I didn’t feel that my laptop was that far off the mark. It seemed as though it was more of a compatibility problem, common with Windows which tries to run on so many different types of machine.
In the end I loaded the video into a video editor (PowerDirector) and rerendered it as ‘Standard avi’ (not sure what this means because avi is described as a ‘container’ format). I put the rendered file into the tourconcept folder and it worked well. I have now converted all of the demo videos and also an Alpe D’Huez video that I bought and they all work.
As with any workaround there are drawbacks:
1. Powerdirector produces some pretty big video files (3-4x as big), so I run them off the data drive of the laptop rather than filling up the C: drive.
2. Obviously you need a video editor. PowerDirector is the only one I have tried, because I do some video editing and think that it’s the best. The good thing however is that most editors are available on free 30 day trial so you can try before you buy .
I hope that this is helpful and would appreciate any comments from people who have a greater understanding of video files than I (almost everybody) regarding where the problem lies and suggestions on how to rerender usable files that aren’t so massive.icon_wink.gif



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