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KETTLER WORLD TOURS is a software program for indoor and outdoor training. Connect your PC to a compatible KETTLER training device (bicycle, running or crosstrainer ergometer or running machine with interface). The software then supports you during your training, where you can pre-specify a course or profiles and also record the training values.
To make the training even more interesting, real courses can also be simulated in the software. This is displayed with 3D maps from MagicMaps or Microsoft Bing Maps.
This means you can simulate a tour in the landscape that you are travelling through with the bike or jogging through on the training device.
To make it all even more interesting, you can compete against a previous training session or against a companion or fellow 

You can find further information here

What is the purpose of the KETTLER WORLD TOURS portal?

The portal is used for communication and the formation of groups. Users of KETTLER WORLD TOURS can exchange information via the portal or link up with other users in groups.

The group can plan races and carry them out together. The KETTLER WORLD TOURS software automatically generates planned races 15 minutes before the start and displays them to the participants. Once all participants are present, the group leader can start the race. After the race the results of the group are entered in a ranking list (Highscore).

The online functions of the KETTLER WORLD TOURS software require registration on this portal.

How do I join a group?

You can search for a suitable group on the Find Group page. There are two types of groups.

  1. Freely accessible groups
    Anyone can enter these groups.
  2. Groups that require approval
    The group leader must confirm membership.

You can view the groups before membership to find out if the group is suitable for you.

How do I create a group?

Just go to the Create Group page.

Give your group a name and a description so that other users know what to expect.

Specify whether new members can join automatically or only with your agreement.

After creating the group you can edit the data by opening the group and clicking on "(Edit)" next to the group name. 

How do I create a race?

Only the leader of the group can create a race. Just go to the My Groups page and open your group.

You will find an area with the heading "Next Race" on the right side

In this area select "Create Race" in order to offer a race.

You can search for a course on the subsequent page. You can do this by either using the Bing Maps map or the list below it.

Once you have selected a course, you will come to the form with the race data.
Enter a title for the race, select the device group, specify the date
and start time and, optionally, enter a description.
Select the reality factor that should apply for this race in
"Further Settings".

Complete the process with the "Create Race" button.

The race is now created and appears in the race list of the group.
15 minutes before the specified start time the race will appear in the 
KETTLER WORLD TOURS software and can be travelled.